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Next flash movie

2015-01-01 22:04:31 by Jobonanon

All you will know right now is that it's called "Buttons."

I'm Back

2014-12-17 21:28:59 by Jobonanon

Hey guys I'm back posting on Newgrounds starting with my new animation Safety First!


2011-07-22 15:00:05 by Jobonanon

Platformer Adventure finally reaches 1,001 views. I am so happy!!!!!

No posts

2011-07-06 09:33:28 by Jobonanon

Hey people no new posts till augest.:(


2011-05-29 03:01:02 by Jobonanon

Sorry but i was very busy these last couple of weeks but I am back on track and I have a new flash movie coming soon and a flash game but that's not until a I finish my movie. Hope you will enjoy it

I am making a new flash game

2011-02-17 20:58:13 by Jobonanon

I have improved on a lot of stuff and this time I am not copying off of anyone on you tube
I have also changed the hp and score system this time it's my own stuff
it is still a green circle though

I looked at all the reviews and fixed all the gliches that I could

I made a platformer game

2010-12-21 18:54:25 by Jobonanon

hope you like it


2010-12-20 01:00:19 by Jobonanon



2010-12-15 21:01:47 by Jobonanon

I have just started making my flash movie so i will keep you updated
I hope you will like it